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About Us

Warm greetings to all!

“Grantham” is a mobile app conceptualised by Mr. Aniruddha M. Bhate the sole owner of Paresh Agencies. Paresh Agencies is a reputed Marathi bookstore in Pune established by Mr. M. H. Bhate in 1989. The company has been on a path of steady progress and has managed to reach more than 25000 readers in India and across the world. The company also has a publishing house called Abha Prakashan.

Mr. Anirudha Bhate, while working on growing the physical book and publishing business also identified a new category of readers who are younger, are always on the move and like to have everything on their fingertips. Propelled by this new trend and our continuous efforts to reach a wider audience Paresh Agencies launched the new Mobile App called Grantham in 2016.

Grantham is the go-to resource for all Marathi language books, Marathi e-books and especially theatre-related books at one's fingertips. An avid reader, a novice or an aspiring theatre artist; there is a book for everyone. With the availability of E-Books, Grantham is being used to download and read on-the-go. Grantham not only allows readers to search and sort through all the available books by using various filters but also ensures smooth payments, instant download of E-Books and allows users to order hardcopies online. We have an efficient delivery process in place which guarantees customer satisfaction. Grantham is currently available on the Android and iOS platform. There are currently about 5000+ active downloads of the App and this number is growing by the day.

Please visit our store or order online through our Grantham App where you will always be welcome to be a part of our family!